"Welcome to Garebear's Higgins Country Lakehouse!"

Meet ole Buck and Roy
(they're keepin an eye on things)
And babybears "Joey" and "Jamie"
playin and
we can't forget "Bailey"!!
she's the one
tumbling down the hill.

"D's" takin a nap,so shoooooosh!!!

She's off to "LA LA LAND!"

Then, having their own picnic!!
Meet Dustine and Denise!
Havin a "Tea Party too"
Pour ya a cup?

And Missy ...
can't forget her
but went blonde...
"platinum" for the summer! heheh
watch out for Pop's balls!

Meet Dad below!

Playin a little Golf....
A hole in one, come on Baby!
Trying to beat "Bud"
Go baby....go!

Then last....
but not....
least, and Dedicated to
is "Garebear" aka "Ty - Tubby"aka "Gare"
Someone very special...

Always just a
pounding away at work!
and no time for himself,
and here are more
of his Bearbuddies!

Maybe we can all
pile into the truck
and head for the lake??
What do ya think"Garebear"??
Better yet,
lets all pile into
Gare's new convertible!!!
with the top down
and feel the wind
just a blowin on you!!

Ya'll come back...hear???

Love ya


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