This is "Diamondeve's Pagoda Inn", and inside you will find lots of (linkware) unique gifs, to take with you,  for your journey home. Welcome to the celebration of life, in The Orient. Have fun, and feel free to stroll in the beautiful floral gardens, the waterfalls, visit the bird sanctuary, the fish ponds,
and all the rooms, and the grounds at "The Pagoda Inn"

     Enjoy your visit, have fun with these, and make some great new Page Designs & check further on down your journey for more treasures, along the way! Take a moment and scroll back up, if you look above,
you will see the "Moongeisha" as she watches over us, along with more of the celebration, sending us all good wishes, and Blessings.


Geisha small

Geisha large

Geisha Green

Bamboo Bar

Green Background Button

Oriental background


Butterfly Quilt

Blossom Background

Blossom Background 2

Potted Bonsai Blue

Bonsai left

Bonsai right

Geisha Red

Lantern 1

Lantern 2

Lantern 3

New Year Symbol

Oriental Cart

Lotus Blossoms

Geisha B/W

Ancient China Scroll

Circle One Image

Circle Two Image

Dancing Lantern

Dragon 1

Dragon 2

Dragon Large

Pastel Dragon

Dragon Wrap

Fan Background

Geisha B/W

Musical Geisha

   May your life's journey
be a most pleasant one...
and bring you health,
happiness, and wisdom and strength,
and above all, love and compassion...and spirituality"
Dedicated to my family, and friends.

Pagoda 1

The Phoenix

Samurai 1

Samurai B/W

Samurai Scroll

White Dragon

Ani Sturu Symbol

Geisha girl


Geisha Fave

Ancient Geisha Print

Ancient Geisha Print 2

Gold Barline

Coin 1

Coin 2

Coin Fave Design for
Light bgs

Color Cube

Bonsai for light/bgs


Bringing you,
a beautiful Japanese sunset!

Pink Fan

Pink Lotus

Purple Scroll

For fun and something different
Click here on this paragraph,
(did this for fun, and on purpose)
and then on the year of your birth, and check your elements, and metals,
"I'm a Tiger", but of course!, and by the way, how is
your "Feng Shui"?

    "The History of "The Chinese Horoscope"  The Chinese Astrology dates back to 500 BC and more, if some have their way in history.and has nothing to do with the stars, and the moon, but rather with "time and place" when you were born!

Let me tell you a little story or as legend has been written; The legend begins at the first lunar cycle, when "Buddha" invited all the animals to his Kingdom to celebrate the "Chinese New Year".

For reasons unknown, only twelve animals turned up. They were in order of arrival, the charming Rat, the tenacious Buffalo, the courageous Tiger, the virtuous Cat the lucky Dragon, the wise Snake, the independent Horse, the artistic goat, the fanciful Monkey, the candid Rooster, the idealistic Dog and, finally, the hardworking Pig.

The legend has it that "Buddha" was so pleased to see the twelve, that he decided to grant a year, in each of their favors. the animal in question, would then exercise his influence over all born, during that year, and their own particular traits and characteristics, that would dominate it.

Pigs, for example, would be honest and hard working, Dogs very loyal but, anxious, Snakes would be wise , but....

Now get ready to go on to the next stage of your journey...
and on to my next page of treasures for you......
in The Tiki Room

All I ask in return, that they not be included in any other collections,
and for using any of the gifs, in my site, "Linkware" is a link back to "Diamondeve's Pagoda Inn"
or "Diamondeve's Orient Express", thank you, and enjoy using them in your creations! to decorate your emails and pages to your sites! domo arigato gozaimasu!

    Much thanks to Sharon Jones for her beautiful graphics, Sandy from the Nautical Gallery for all her help and support, Dr.Draac for all his lessons and gifs, the best teach! (girls and dragons!!),plus rest of my buddies, Vainity_E, Stardrops, Aurora, Anne. Tammy, from Jersgirl for starting me, on a homepage, with all her help and love, "Cher and Duane" for all of their help and support,

    and "Neon Dreams", for the "Elegant Sets" background and buttons. Also much thanks go the all the fantastic and wonderful "Artists" and "Animators" from "A.B.P.A.G.", & for all the gifs, you allow alot of us to use, students from - Cal.Poly, Purdue, USC, UCLA, Boston, NYU, & Dom,, Kanji artists, Xiawwei, "Kitaro" for music, can go on and on!

   And last, but not least, for putting up with me being on here so much, with love to sis Reneé, my gorgeous hunk and nephew Justin, and Uncle Jack, Tony, kids, and friends!
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