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Getting closer and closer????

Before you

know it...

time just

sneaks up on us...

Ghouls and Goblins beware!

Well, just down the street





My Crystal Ball is telling me....

No,..... wait

... since we last
saw each other

another FuN

"P A R T A Y"

is going on......


the street


"Witchy's Place"




Dancin, food, and fun!!

Back a second time, Meet Luigi!!
He's bringin' da Pizza!

And the band playing tonight,

††††††and The Bonesnatcher's"

Aye Caramba, they're good!

It's Partay, ParTay, ParTay!
Aye Chihuahua,
play it Josť!!!

ENTERTAINMENT!!! and Frankie's comin'!!
He will
"E l e c t r i f y" you!

So lets get down, and celebrate!!!

Need a ride?

Call 1-800-Witchy's Place

Are we havin' fun yet?

I CAN'T hear you!

That's Better!

and did I hear you...
say, you're hungry?

Brunhilda reports heavy traffic!!

all flyin' in to join the PaRtAy!!!

(Large tips welcomed too!)

Time to

learn the "Boogie" dance!!!

Well look at you, get down and boogie!
Boogie oogie oogie!
Do the Batwing Boogie!!!

Let's see what the girls are up to....

So that's what the girls are brewing..

delicious "Batwings" for lunch

"Yum", more please!
..that was filling!

Check out her Cob Cafe "specials"!

and The Cabaret!!

Check out Witchy's Midis Room!!

Don't make me
put a spell on you!! hehe...

Wishing all of you,

A Happy Halloween, and a safe one!

I'm lookin for any houses
giving out "Snicker's!!
and not the bite size...



"Witchy's Place"

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< BR>

Patti's Place

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Hope you had as much fun,
and "Thanks" for stopping by!!

by Diamondeve
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of my own special effects....
if you get my drift...
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Draac and Warp-Speed!
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